Drilling Rental Equipment

In a tight market, leasing or renting rig equipment is the smart move. Waters International offers its customers a wide range of leasing and rental programs that can significantly reduce capital costs and accelerate ROI

The drop-down menu below lists the items we usually have in-stock. All of them are also normally available for sale or for rent. Rental products also include additional systems such as Triplex Mud Pumps (Diesel or Electric), Mud Tanks and Solids Control Equipment. For fast and easy equipment request, we have provided online forms customized to each specific area of interest. The photos below illustrate just a few of the items available in our inventory. View our current published inventory at tradequip.com.

Cutting down on capital costs is an effective way to compete in the market with lesser exposure to risks. Watersintl offers flagship models of drilling equipment for rent to help ease the burden of heavy investments. Rental of drilling equipment helps companies to add the latest equipment to their operations at considerably lesser costs. At Watersintl, we offer unmatched and unrivalled terms of rental. Drilling equipment are pivotal to operations and as specialists, we at Watersintl understand the need for quality and reliability. Our team of technicians ensure that every unit of drilling equipment offered on rental meets our benchmarked criteria of rugged operational capability.

Rental of drilling equipment offers agencies the options of taking up specialized tasks and contracts without having to shoulder the burden of oversized inventory and depreciation. At Watersintl, our extensive and robust network lends us the ability to offer the best equipment for rental. Our standards will remain the same, uncompromising on quality and commitment.With terms and convenient interfaces available for browsing through categories of equipment, you will find all that you need right here. The list of equipment available for rent with us are more of an inventory that is coveted by drilling contractors.