Solids Control

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In a tight market, leasing or renting rig equipment is the smart move. Waters International offers its customers a wide range of leasing and rental programs that can significantly reduce capital costs and accelerate ROI

The drop-down menu at the top lists the items we usually have in-stock. All of them are also normally available for sale or for rent. Rental products also include additional systems such as Triplex Mud Pumps (Diesel or Electric), Mud Tanks and Solids Control Equipment. For fast and easy equipment request, we have provided online forms customized to each specific area of interest. The photos below illustrate just a few of the items available in our inventory.

Solids control systems in drilling equipment require efficient and seamless uninterrupted processes to separate the solids in drilling fluids. At Watersintl, we recognize the importance of solids control equipment and the need to offer optimum efficiency over the various stages of solids control system.The systems that we offer at Watersintl have helped contractors and companies to achieve quicker separation and continuous separation in the most efficient manner. Our knowledge of the processes, and our association with drilling equipment across all categories and components makes us better suited to offer the best solids control systems.

A granular look at the processes involved in solids control will give you an idea of the perfection that can be achieved through the best equipment. Drilling equipment, by default need to be reliable to prevent breaks in the processes, and at Watersintl, the emphasis since inception has always been on reliability. Match all your needs of solids control equipment from our diverse and extensive range of equipment to offer you reliable and proven technology for better efficiency and healthy margins. Rentals, lease or purchase of drilling equipment are best dealt by professionals with a reputation for commitment to standards. And who better than we, at Waternsintl to deliver on reliability?