Mud Tanks

Products For Rent or Lease

In a tight market, leasing or renting rig equipment is the smart move. Waters International offers its customers a wide range of leasing and rental programs that can significantly reduce capital costs and accelerate ROI

The drop-down menu at the top lists the items we usually have in-stock. All of them are also normally available for sale or for rent. Rental products also include additional systems such as Triplex Mud Pumps (Diesel or Electric), Mud Tanks and Solids Control Equipment. For fast and easy equipment request, we have provided online forms customized to each specific area of interest. The photos below illustrate just a few of the items available in our inventory.

Holding on to large inventories of drilling equipment including solids control systems can sometimes cut margins. A mud tank that is crucial in solids control may be required in large numbers depending on the scale of operations. Rather than investing in a mud tank for execution of differently scaled projects, a mud tank on lease helps to meet requirements in the shortest possible time, while maintaining a lean and effective core inventory. At Watersintl, every mud tank that we offer our valuable clients conforms to the highest standards desired. The corrugated structures and the slip resistant steel plates offer greater reliability and safety during operations.

Watersintlholds an extensive inventory of mud tanks that meet differing requirements. As trusted partners to drilling contractors and agencies, our reputation stems from our commitment to provide consistent quality of products and equipment. The various categories of equipment and support products that we offer for drilling contractors and companies have helped improve efficiency and output.Lease and rental of mud tanks cut down on inventory costs, especially in the context of requirements. Choose a mud pump from our stable of heavy duty and rugged equipment for rent or lease and draw benefits that will help to increase your profit margins.