Drilling Rig Mud Pumps

Products For Rent or Lease

In a tight market, leasing or renting rig equipment is the smart move. Waters International offers its customers a wide range of leasing and rental programs that can significantly reduce capital costs and accelerate ROI

The drop-down menu at the top lists the items we usually have in-stock. All of them are also normally available for sale or for rent. Rental products also include additional systems such as Triplex Mud Pumps (Diesel or Electric), Mud Tanks and Solids Control Equipment. For fast and easy equipment request, we have provided online forms customized to each specific area of interest. The photos below illustrate just a few of the items available in our inventory.

A mud pump is pivotal to rig drilling operations and at Watersintl, we attach great importance to the quality, make and build of every drilling rig mud pump that we offer for rental. With competition causing margins to shrink, the way to financial and operational success is mud pump rental.Operational efficiency is the key to success and a mud pump can actually be the single biggest contributor to drilling operations. With a lot riding on the capacity and rugged build of a mud pump, a rental is definitely a better choice.

At Watersintl, our specialization in equipment for drilling, lends us with greater exposure on the all- important mud pump, permitting us to offer the best models. Choose from a wide range of models that feature on our list of equipment available for rental. Benefit from our technical expertise that improves the operational efficiency and reliability of every single mud pump we offer on rent. The inspection routines and servicing that we follow transforms every mud pump into a rugged workhorse that will help you improve operational ability. Browse through our extensive list of drilling equipment and benefit from qualitative superiority and our reputation as one of the very best in the industry.