Products for Sale or Rent

Sometimes “rope, soap and dope” is not enough. Waters has earned a reputation as the company to call for those hard-to-find items. In today’s competitive environment, there’s no time for downtime. Waters International carries an extensive inventory of drilling essentials — common or uncommon — built to uncompromising quality control standards. Reliable equipment is the cornerstone of the long, dependable service life that is vital to optimal drilling performance.

The drop-down menu below lists the items we usually have in-stock. All of them are also normally available for sale or for rent. Rental products also include additional systems such as Triplex Mud Pumps (Diesel or Electric), Mud Tanks and Solids Control Equipment. For fast and easy equipment request, we have provided online forms customized to each specific area of interest. The photos below illustrate just a few of the items available in our inventory. View our current published inventory at

Drilling operations are meant to continue uninterrupted to achieve optimum output and better margins for operators and contractors. Drilling equipment, therefore need to be of a build quality that offers the best reliability. At Watersintl, our obsession with quality and reliability are witnessed in every oil drill we put up for sale.Every operational hour lost is precious, warranting the need for having equipment on hand that offer the best efficiency and optimum output.

Holding centre stage in operations, the drill rig needs to be of a make that promises uncompromised quality and highest levels of reliability. Possession of equipment can take the route of acquisition, lease or rental, and at Watersintl, we understand the need for offering the best equipment across all possession types. Consequently, we have put together an inventory of the best oil rig equipment; offering reliable and rugged equipment for sale, rent or lease to our valued clients in the Oil and Exploration industry.

Our experience in drilling equipment and the technical expertise of our specialists have lent us the ability to offer superior equipment, products and services to an industry that treats build quality as an all important feature. With Watersintl, you can be sure that you are dealing with the best in the business.