The Waters Story

In the early 1970s, Peyton Waters, Sr. formed Waters International to offer quality new and refurbished capital drilling equipment to the domestic and export markets. Although at that time there were few companies in this specialized market, the growing company was an immediate success.

In-depth understanding
From the beginning, Peyton Waters based his company on an in-depth experience of the oil and gas business and a clear understanding of its nature. Constant fluctuation is inherent to the exploration industry. At any one time there is a shortage or a surplus of equipment on the market. It is this firm grasp of industry realities that was the driving force of the company’s success. It still drives us today.

A solid foundation
Peyton Waters built his company on a solid foundation: an uncommon insistence on honest dealings backed by proven oil patch experience. His expertise allowed him to successfully buy or sell whatever was available because two decades of experience in the industry told him what would be in demand. His integrity advanced him into the ranks of men who could be counted upon when drilling companies were in a bind.

An uncompromising vision
Waters reinforced a hard-earned and intimate knowledge of the equipment with an uncompromising insistence on fair dealings. It is this unflinching vision that is the basis for the Waters reputation. Forty years later Waters International, Inc. still operates “the way the oilfield used to be”.

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